12 February 2014

Novel Excerpts Now Posted

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I’ve put up as a Page the one-paragraph summaries for all seven novels in the Salon Postisme Suite. I’ve also put up separate Pages for the first one to three chapters of each book. Links to these Pages are found at the top of the right column of the blog. If you read any of them I hope you’ll comment on them.


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  1. In the 46 hours since I put up this post and the Pages, here’s the hit rate for views of each page:
    – The Salon Postisme Suite = 2
    – In the Days Before the Reckoning = 1
    – Station Zero = 0 (appropriately enough)
    – O’Gandhi = 1
    – The Courier = 1
    – The Dream Artist’s Tale = 0
    – The Passion of the Void = 2
    – The Seven Creations = 0

    That’s about what I expected. In earlier iterations of this blog, when I was writing posts more frequently and generating more traffic than I do now, I put up pages of content for my books. Only rarely did anyone click onto them. Blog readers like the posts and discussions, not the pages. My main motivation this time was to archive in one easily-navigated place all of the core material I might want to show to an agent, a publisher, or anyone else whom I specifically ask to have a look at my fiction.


    Comment by ktismatics — 14 February 2014 @ 1:09 pm

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