30 September 2012

Two Dreams

Filed under: Reflections — ktismatics @ 6:06 pm

Last night I dreamed that I could read without seeing the words. I could just look at something and the words inherent in that thing would appear in my mind. I was concerned that I could never verify the words I read by referring to the corresponding words on a page or on a computer screen. I woke up in an agitated state, thinking that in order to read in this way I must be blind, or else dead. I had to get up and read for an hour and a half in order to reassure myself.

After I went back to bed I dreamed that Anne and I were in a train wreck somewhere in Germany. Neither of us was hurt, nor were the other passengers in our train car. When we got off the train we could see another string of railroad cars that had been in the same accident, positioned somehow on a higher track than the one our car was on. We were certain that the people in those cars were gravely injured, but we were wrong: they were fine too. I had to go somewhere to get help, so I began to walk. Through a series of Kafkaesque misadventures in a railway station I find myself riding on a different train with a group of Germans who have promised to help me. I have no access to a telephone; I wonder what Anne, back at the scene of the train wreck, thinks has become of me. We are riding too long on this train, I’m thinking; the Germans tell me that we are approaching Belgium. Belgium? I wake up, but in my waking state I continue this train ride. The train stops; we get off; I lose track of the Germans; I fall back asleep. Dreaming again, I’m riding a different train, without the Germans. The train is riding on tracks that span a vast expanse of water. Later, a fellow passenger tells me that we’re approaching Greenland. Looking out the window I see a massive gray mountain and I know that it is Greenland.



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  2. Well at least this message comes on a sleep-related post. And it calls my attention back to these two dreams


    Comment by ktismatics — 2 May 2013 @ 5:45 pm

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