14 December 2011

But Now I Might Be Mistaken

Filed under: Fiction, Reflections — ktismatics @ 4:32 pm

Here’s a nice convergence. This afternoon I was editing this paragraph from the first chapter of my book:

Pleased with his work, Bud strolled to the drinking fountain as Dave bit into the second verse hard. “Nice story, man,” somebody said, slapping Bud on the shoulder. Bud turned around: it was the burly mustachioed guy who looked like a ZZ Top roadie. Just before Bud’s turn this guy, who also happened to be The Amazing Dave’s brother, had read an excerpt from his newly-published fantasy novel, something about a knight with magical powers challenging a vampire at his castle. “Yours too,” Bud lied.

That got me thinking about ZZ Top. I clicked onto the Wikipedia page for Billy Gibbons, the guitar player for the band. “He is noted for using an old five pesos Mexican coin as a guitar plectrum, and use of pinch harmonics in his solos.” I Youtubed the ZZ Top song La Grange, which features extensive use of the pinch harmonic technique on the second and last guitar solo, kicking in at about the 2:30 mark. Here it is:

So anyhow, about an hour later I took a walk. On the home stretch coming up the hill a car with Vermont plates pulled over to the curb. “Excuse me, sir,” the young guy driving the car asked me, “but could you possibly give me directions to La Grange Circle?” “A haw haw haw haw,” I growled in reply. I explained about ZZ Top and the song I’d just listened to. He nodded. I told him I wasn’t sure where La Grange Circle was, but that if he took a right at the top of the hill there were a bunch of little roads branching off to the right, one of which might be La Grange. “I’ll find it eventually,” he said. “And keep rocking that ZZ,” he shouted out the window as he drove up the hill.


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