4 December 2010

Brainytown USA

Filed under: Culture, Reflections — ktismatics @ 12:52 pm

I just found out that we live in the brainiest city in America.

Here’s a link to the BrainiestBastions table, which displays each US metro area with 200K+ population and its corresponding “brainpower index,” based on a weighted combination of percentages of residents who have completed various levels of schooling. Perched at the top of page 1, Boulder proudly proclaims its brainy cred: 32% university graduates, plus an additional 26% with advanced degrees. Ann Arbor Michigan places a fairly distant second with 24% and 25%. The rest of the top ten: Washington, Durham NC, Fort Collins CO, Bridgeport-Stamfort CT, San Jose CA, Boston, Madison WI, and San Francisco-Oakland. Dredging the bottom is Merced California with 8% bachelors’ degrees plus 3% masters’ and above.

Maybe living in Brainytown is what makes me discount the value of the “stinking badges.” I’d probably change my tune if I lived in Merced.


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