3 June 2010

In a World…

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Lately I’ve been looking at some entertaining film trailers made by high school students, trailers for movies that don’t exist. Watching these pseudo-trailers it’s clear that a certain Hollywood style has become the gold standard. And in a world of Hollywood movie trailers, one Voice demanded to be heard: Don LaFontaine. LaFontaine died two years ago, but his legacy endures. Here’s a brief sample of his work:

So I was taking a walk this morning, thinking about some of the philosophical ideas I’ve been exposed to over the past year and a half, when suddenly I could almost hear Don LaFontaine’s voice-over:

In a world of real objects that never interact, objects wrapped within objects within objects that never touch each other, objects whose own pieces are not even parts of the objects, there is a Plasm where the objects’ sensual doppelgängers go to spawn hideous and unspeakable hybrids. In a society without people, a society that communicates only with itself, a society surrounded by individuals who cannot communicate with one another, two Men demand to be heard…


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  1. Commenting to myself these days… I imagine three types of response to this post. First, there’s the ever-popular personality critiques directed at the two philosophical Men in question, who are of course Graham Harman and Levi Bryant. Second, extend the “in a world” trailer to highlight more of the odd ideas that comprise object-oriented philosophy. Three, explore the possibilities of regarding speculative philosophy as a kind of cinematic genre or fictional alternate universe, one populated by many “in a world”s that may be entertaining and thought-provoking without necessarily being an accurate and verifiable description of the everyday world we inhabit.

    Fourth type of response: off-topic. Fifth: is the blogosphere drying up, or perhaps congealing into a smaller handful of heavily-trafficked and -commented blogs (like Larval Subjects) while the others fade into oblivion? Sixth: discussion of movie trailers as an art form. Seventh…


    Comment by ktismatics — 4 June 2010 @ 8:49 am

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