24 June 2009

Object-Oriented Psychology

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[More transcripts from my old Portality Journal…]

(9 Nov 02) Psychological Objects

A Psychological Object can be a theoretical construct. It can be a statistical nexus. What is it when you want to put a Psychological Object forward as an Object for its own sake, or for the sake of the Alternate and the Remnant, rather than as a predictor or a revealed truth?

A Psychological Object can be an artistic creation. Is it a writing? A performance? An experience? I think it should be an “objective” thing, existing independently of the creator and the audience. Like a Portal or an Interval.

Interval as Object

The Intervals can be described abstractly, categorically, reductionistically – like a rationalist or a scientist. This is the description of Intervals.

An artist can portray Intervals, or give subjective experiences of Intervals. The attention begins to focus on the medium of expression rather than the Object itself.

An Interval is an obect that can be entered into. It is a kind of place and time. A description of an Interval isn’t an Interval per se. I want to create the per se.

To the extent that an Interval exists independently of the person experiencing it, to that extent it can be described, portrayed, represented. To the extent that an Interval is emergent from interactions with those who enter it, to that extent it can only be illustrated or exemplified, as in a story or a study. Or, it can be created in real time.

(10 Nov 02) Postmodern Realism?

There is no going back; the present is crumbling; the future is a trajectory – what else? Create the postmodern thing that is neither otherworldly nor subjectively imagined. Something that is, but fantastically out of alignment with the Continuum. Something that is because someone imagined it into existence, named it, brought it forth.

It is understood that Realities morph in unpredictable ways by virtue of our interactions with them. So the Interval is an arena of Dasein, of experience, not of abstract Being. It is a There, an arena that turns into something else by virtue of being played in.

*   *   *

It’s interesting that I had gravitated to the object-oriented constructions around which Graham Harman was building his particular form of Speculative Realism. Maybe it was an eddy in the Zeitgeist. My objective wasn’t to eliminate the distinctly human from these constructions, but I did want to decenter them away from the entirely intrasubjective. Individuals don’t just think things up in their heads; they occupy and immerse themselves in realities. Anyhow, his elaboration of an object-based theory is why I felt inspired by Harman’s Guerrilla Metaphysics when I read it earlier this year.


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