22 June 2009

Games, Interstices, Religion, Practice

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[More from my old Portality Notebook, wherein I started sketching out the basics for a psychological practice.]

(5 Nov 02) The Glass Bead Game and Perky Patty

For Hesse, the game is alternate, monastic, high-status, institutional, real. For Dick, the game is alternate, common, alienating, paranoiac, fantasy, part of the systematic repression of a bad reality, something to be overcome. Dick is closer to the portals than is Hesse.

The Salon is Interstitial

The Salon occupies the place and time between the Self and the World. Self is of the Remnant; World is of the emergent and discontinuous Alternate. The Salon is a place where Self engages World in order to generate Realities. The mechanisms of the Salon for this purpose include: strands, intervals, create/destroy, emergence, fate. The Salon is not a place to be healed, empowered, enhanced, coached, modified, or treated. It is a place for Self to engage, to create or destroy, to be subjected to emergence and fate and chance. It is a place to be in = Dasein.

(6 Nov 02) Portality is Religious

The intent is to create a new heavens and a new earth. Portality has all the components of a religion:

  • The Chosen, the Remnant, who are callled.
  • The Quest, which is to get outside of Self by getting out of the World, and vice versa.
  • The Code – something that functions like a morality, getting you beyond self-absorption, committing you to the World yet isolating you from it at the same time.
  • The Fellowship.
  • Transcendence.
  • Plenitude – something like salvation and transformation and ascencion.
  • A Meaning.
  • A Genesis myth that is also eschatology.

It’s not really the creation of a new heavens and a new earth. Perhaps it’s intensification and diversification: follow the strands, obsess on them, weave them together until emergence happens. No goal: it’s an engagement that’s called for. But it’s a detached sort of engagement, detached form self-absorption and from culture. It’s the creation of a world that’s more intense, less expected, yet less coercive. That’s why there is no end to the creation: once it starts attracting the masses, it’s doomed to fail. We require continual renewal. Not new: different. An earth that doesn’t fill up, but that grows from the surface, adding complexity.


What strands link self to world? Disease as the vector: blood sugar and symptoms are subpersonal. Health status is personal, self-oriented. Where’s the link between the subpersonal and the world? It’s probably cultural. What drives up blood sugar in the culture? Blood sugar as it flows between people, as if it were a communicable disease. Blood sugar as a behavioral trajectory across people, not just within people. A shared obsession with the blood – what it turns into cannot be known in advance. Latch onto the strand, pull it, weave it together with others, create something, put it in front of people who might care to see if they belong to the Remnant. Whether all who pick up the woven strand are Remnant is irrelevant, since it has a life of its own.

(7 Nov 02) Salon, Studio, Portal

A writing is an Object; so is a concept I choose to write about. There are perhaps three venues for creating psychological Objects:

  • Salon. Self-other, subject-object, plenitude-zero.
  • Studio. Create-destroy, strand, aesthetics, ethics, market.
  • Portal. Place and time, beginning and end, discontinuum, intervals, Quests and Pilgrimages, explorations and escapes, the permanent traveler. The Portal is a weird tourist bureau, or a surreal tour prospectus.

*   *   *

Post hoc observations on these Notebook entries… I see that I envisioned a threefold practice: the Salon, to assist clients in discovering, creating, and occupying alternate versions of themselves; the Studio, for doing the same with alternate realities; the Portal, for different ways of exploring the physcial world. The first two praxes would later merge, and this is the merged praxis I’m currently trying to rehabilitate. The merged Salon and Portal became the basis for my first novel, The Stations, which I wrote as a thought experiment about how such a practice might play out with certain kinds of clients. The central character in the novel embodied the idea of blood as a strand or trajectory linking people together pre- and intersubjectively, an idea toward which I gesture tentatively in this cahier entry.

I see that I called here for “a Genesis myth that is also eschatology.” I wound up elaborating just such a myth in my Genesis book, in which my (literal but deconstructive) reading of the archetypal story serves as the basis for a praxis leading toward new creations. This idea is of establishing new founding myths is perhaps related to Kvond and AnodyneLight’s recent proposal to sketch out an Antigone Complex.



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