21 June 2009

Black Orpheus by Camus, 1959

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orpheus rhizomes

Not having read the story, I can’t offer much help to Kvond in assembling an Antigone Complex, but watching Black Orpheus last night gave me a chance to think about retrofitting mythic stories to contemporary lives. Throughout the film the characters pulsate with music and movement, animated by the inchoate and protean spirit of life. Though seemingly chaotic, the Greco-Deleuzian lines of flight seem predetermined to assemble themselves into the same configurations again and again. Many recurrent patterns are trivial, mundane, insignificant, ignored except by those who experience them directly. Assemblies that carry particularly intense and universal meanings become commemorated in myth.

orpheus spirit

Are these mythologized events purely empirical, purely materialistic, the meaning conveyed on them retrospectively from a vantage point outside the event by creative storytellers? Or is the commemorated event already imbued with meaning that the observer can apprehend directly? In terms of the film, is spirit bestowed on passive flesh, or is spirit inseparably embodied in a particular material life?

orpheus body


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  1. Nice presentation and thoughts. I like it.


    Comment by kvond — 21 June 2009 @ 11:12 am

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