5 February 2009


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I’ve launched a new blog called Ecliptics.

This new blog will feature the work and personal observations of writers, filmmakers, musicians, activists, theorists, and anybody else I can find who’s trying to create something. As those who follow Ktismatics know, I’ve begun experimenting with my new mini-videocam. Most of the posts on Ecliptice will consist of videotaped interviews — “E-Clips” — which I hope will enhance the sense of personal connection. I’ll also include excerpts of each subject’s work, along with links to their websites and announcements of their upcoming gigs. Because this format relies on my ability to conduct face-to-face interviews, the blog will center primarily on creative activities in the Boulder-Denver area. Maybe once I get going I’ll conduct some “guest interviews” — either visitors to the area or interviews conducted remotely with people who live elsewhere. Creative work and the work of creation are universal, so I expect the blog to generate interest beyond the local community.

Last night I posted the first interview on Ecliptics. The subject is Josh Minor, whose film I put up here on Ktismatics last week. I’ve got an interview scheduled with another of the award-winning university student filmmakers. There are a couple of writers from a recent public reading event whom I’d like to talk to. And my daughter claims that she too would like to be interviewed. I expect to post maybe two interviews per week once I get up to speed. It’s my hope that these interviews and the discussions they elicit will enhance the sense of common cause among people who are trying to do something different in what so often seems like an indifferent world. As the interviews accumulate, Ecliptics may begin to serve as a kind of collective resource for those who so often work in relative isolation.

I thought about continuing to write my own stuff on Ktismatics, but I don’t see why I can’t roll that into the new Ecliptics blog. I’d like to recommit my blogging energies to what got me started in the first place: “ktismatics,” or the theory and practice of creation. I’m interested in all kinds of creation — inanimate, posthuman, sociopolitical, unintentional, evolutionary, mythical — but since I fancy myself a psychologist it’s the individual work of creation that draws me most insistently. I think there’s room in the new format for me to continue my own ktismatizations as well as showcasing those of others. Of course I’ll continue to welcome discussion and disagreement about my ramblings and divagations. And who knows — maybe I’ll still post an occasional movie screengrab or veer off-topic in other ways that catch my fancy.

Thanks to all who’ve followed along and especially to those with whom I’ve enjoyed stimulating on-line conversations. I hope to see you at the new place. I still have some technical issues to resolve: Can I do better than YouTube, which loses more image resolution than the camera affords? Where can I store these videos without eating up all my hard disk space? Can I get smoother and more efficient as an interviewer and an editor? And of course there’s also the content: Is it interesting? Can I build continuity of themes across interviews while highlighting each person as an individual? If you have any thoughts about these or other issues related to the new blog format, feel free to put comments here or there.



  1. Great idea, except that I’d hate to see ktismatics itself disappear…

    For storage, I think online is best – in one of the ftp sites, they are relatively inexpensive and the good ones will back up your storage somewhere else so it doesn’t go missing, get corrupted or even get lost in a cyber attack. For large backup you could go for one of the old tape things.

    Of course, the cyber cops who got your recent exchange at OST are in a whole other league so you better watch yourself…


    Comment by samlcarr — 5 February 2009 @ 1:19 pm

  2. Farewell Ktismatics, sorry to see you go. Hello Ecliptics, nice to meet you.

    By the way, will you be known as Ktismatics on the new blog?



    Comment by NB — 6 February 2009 @ 5:27 am

  3. The hard part about abandoning Ktismatics the blog is that I won’t have an obvious place to pursue tangents. E.g., last night I watched The Night of the Hunter, a 1955 movie directed by Charles Laughton, written by James Agee, and starring Robert Mitchum and Shelley Winters. There are many wonderful things about this movie, and at least two screen shots are etched in my memory. Where do I put such things on the new blog? At the same time, it takes longer than you’d think to pick off the right set of images from a movie.

    Or what about the occasional discussion of politics and economics? E.g., my last comment on the blog referred back to an analysis I did of the terms of the Citigroup bailout and the bad deal the taxpayers seemed to have gotten. Or exegeses of Bible passages? Or delving into the latest trends in continental philosophy? Maybe I’ll loosen up the constraints on myself at the new place.

    Will I still be Ktismatics? I might try to rebrand myself as John Doyle, but that handle might be taken already. Otherwise yes, Ktis it is.

    Thanks to PC and NB for priming the comment pump at Ecliptics. It’ll take awhile for the place to find its groove, but I’ve got two more interviews lined up, so on we go.


    Comment by ktismatics — 6 February 2009 @ 9:55 am

  4. I’ve decided to become John Doyle.


    Comment by john doyle — 6 February 2009 @ 2:46 pm

  5. Hi John,

    Responding to your response number 3, I have a perfect place for you for the occasional discussions of movies, politics, economics, psychology, and life in general. A new site for serious discussions on your passions. It’s called Pandalous.com and their moto is: Pandalous – think about it.

    It’s an attempt to create exactly such a place on the net where serious conversations can take place.


    Comment by Michael — 8 February 2009 @ 2:04 am

  6. Thus far I’m not very optimistic about the new Ecliptics blog. Despite the excellence of the interviews and editing, despite some engaging commentary from the Ktismatics audience directed toward the first interviewee, and despite my emails alerting him to the ongoing discussion of his work, Josh never returned to participate in the discussion. I don’t even know if he ever watched his own interview. Likewise with the second interviewee. We’ll see what happens with the third interview, which I just put online. So go, watch her short film and her interview, comment if and as you like, and we’ll see if I can coax the subject into the conversation.

    I have no further interviews scheduled, so I’m wondering if I should change tack. I’m tempted to grab people at random, ask them about their work, whether they have a passion for what they do, etc. But Boulder isn’t the kind of place that facilitates conversations among strangers, or at least I don’t find it so. I just had a thought about this which I’m going to put up as a comment on the third interview…


    Comment by john doyle — 12 February 2009 @ 9:29 am

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