15 May 2008

Singing Detective by Potter, 1986

Filed under: Movies — ktismatics @ 2:42 pm

O Lord God, who loves and saves and watches, and admonishes all of us miserable and unworthy sinners — O Lord God, look down on us now in Thy awful majesty. Search out our hearts; look into our heads; seize hold of our innermost thoughts. Dear Lord, you can see. You know. You are looking down now upon one boy. One particular boy. One boy in this room. You are entering the bones; You are piercing into the space between the bones. Dear God, almighty God, terrible in wroth, with the stars to guide, with the whole earth to turn, with the flowers to grow, with the rain to make fall, with the sun to make shine — with all this, all of these things, You stop, You look, You watch. Because all of these things — the weight of the mountains and the deeps of the oceans, the day and the night, the cares and the troubles of the whole slow spin of the whole big world — all, all of these things You O God, Thee O God, almighty and awful Creator, You leave for the moment to point down at the one…


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