23 April 2008

Dirty Pretty Things, 2003

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I wonder if I’m getting sick of looking at all these movies. This one seems so contrived as a story, yet the critics loved it. The screenwriter Steve Wright’s next film was Eastern Promises, which likewise explores the marginal lives of London illegal aliens, though in that later film he casts the immigrants in a decidedly less sympathetic light. I just started watching season 2 of the American TV series The Wire, which centers around the investigation of the murder of several eastern European prostitutes smuggled into the Baltimore harbor. One of the bad guys sports a star tattoo on his knee — just like the Russian mobsters in Eastern Promises. I wonder if Wright found his inspiration from The Wire: after all, Wright started in the entertainment biz as producer of the British version of the TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Stephen Frears directed Dirty Pretty Things. I see that one of his first films was an adaptation of the goofy Victorian novel Three Men in a Boat, which I once read to our daughter as a bedtime story. I think I’ll add it to the queue. Nope, can’t do it: it’s not in Netflix’s inventory.


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  1. I might like this movie better if I could persuade myself that all the crucial events were hallucinated by the main character as a result of his extended sleep deprivation. Then his finding a human heart in the hotel toilet, transforming that same room into a surgical suite, cutting out the liver of his corrupt boss, selling the liver to the parents of a little girl who just happens to be the same age as his own daughter, and splitting the money with his fellow-immigrants — all of this business would take on an expressionist aesthetic, rather than the ironic realism and third-world solidarity it strives for.


    Comment by ktismatics — 23 April 2008 @ 10:36 am

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