7 October 2007

Time to Go

Filed under: Reflections — ktismatics @ 6:11 pm

I’m going to stop writing this blog. I’ve got to refocus my energy and imagination on writing another book and maybe also getting the psychology practice off the ground. You’d think I’d be able to keep up with the blog around the edges, but so far I haven’t been able to do it. So I think I better put it aside.

When I started Ktismatics I decided to make it my main project for six months, the intent being to build a “platform” of popular interest in my Genesis 1 book. That didn’t work out, but I found that I enjoyed writing the posts and participating in online conversations for their own sake. Writing a book is a lonely undertaking; blogging is downright sociable — or at least it is for me. I feel like I’ve gotten to know the people who comment here, which I’ve enjoyed immensely.

I don’t have a lot of hope that my books will ever get published, or that I’ll ever attract any clients to my practice, but those are the only two possibilities I can picture right now. I’ll try to write an update once a week or so — maybe it’ll be an idea I’m working on, or a progress report on my other projects. Maybe once I shift my focus I won’t be able to manage even that much. Or maybe the idea for some new online project will come to mind. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

I’ll keep in touch with regular commenters. Sam and Ivan are welcome to carry on their conversation here as long as they like, though lately the spamcatcher seems to be losing its ability to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Thanks for hanging out with me.



  1. Five bucks says you’re back in a week!

    Seriously, though, I understand that the blogging can consume time, and so I wish you all the best on your latest book venture. You will be published and I will thoroughly enjoy reading a real-live book of yours one day, rather than bits and pieces of Word docs!

    Will miss you.


    Comment by Jonathan Erdman — 7 October 2007 @ 6:27 pm

  2. Wow! I left the house for an hour and looked what happened. I think you’ve made a good choice for now…see how it goes.

    ktismatics is cool…and so are you! Happy Anniversary!

    Meilleurs voeux!!


    Comment by Anne — 7 October 2007 @ 6:33 pm

  3. :(

    I think something’s in the air. I’m leaving LA and you’re leaving blogland.

    Church sucked…sort of. They “sent me off”. Everyone cried.


    Comment by Jason Hesiak — 7 October 2007 @ 11:52 pm

  4. I don’t see why you should be pesimistic about your practice. Of course I know almost nothing about the psychology industry, but from the little contact I’ve had with you I think that you’re a wonderful counsellor. Sometimes when I see you in comment boxes I’m shocked by your capacity to combine neutrality and insight, which seems to me to be a good quality for an analyst. Notwithstanding the complexity of your individual circumstances, have you considered taking a break, rather than completely ending it?


    Comment by love and terrorism — 9 October 2007 @ 6:22 am

  5. In that last sentence I’m refering to your blog, rather than your practice.


    Comment by love and terrorism — 9 October 2007 @ 6:23 am

  6. Thanks for your encouragement, L&T. You’ve been on hiatus from your blog for awhile now. Do you think you’ll return at some point? I suppose as long as the blog sits in public space it can always be resuscitated.

    Regarding the practice, it’s largely a concern about getting anyone to come. Maybe some other avenues will make themselves known to me, but right now I don’t see them. It’s part of the reason to stop writing the blog, to clear more mental and physical space to see what I can do about the practice. Also, when all is said and done I’m more interested in a person seeing and doing what perhaps is that person’s unique vision or destiny. Maybe one needs just enough happiness and success to keep going, but not as an end in itself. I’m more concerned about creation and difference and excellence emerging despite the free market and the big ego and the creativity industry. That might be a practice only I can do, but I doubt whether I can find anyone who would want to be my client.


    Comment by ktismatics — 9 October 2007 @ 9:09 am

  7. Erdman, I know I said I’d send you the whole first novel for your summer reading, and I failed to do so. I’ll piece it together in a single Word document and forward it to you, if you’re still interested and can stand the online format. Maybe I’ll also put up the first chapters for all three books as pages, so if anybody wants to read more or offer opinions they can get in touch by email.


    Comment by ktismatics — 9 October 2007 @ 9:17 am

  8. “Summer reading” may as well be fall reading! Sip some cider with Prop.

    Make sure you make your way over to Theos Project as you experience withdrawal symptoms from your blogging.

    Happy Sabbatical from the blog!


    Comment by Erdman — 9 October 2007 @ 10:33 am

  9. I say! Can I get in on this too or is it an exclusive offer to the Erdman? In fact it struck me when you made your sudden announcement, that if you were not planning on reusing portions of your already finished works that it would be great to have them come up one chapter at a time here at Ktismatics.


    Comment by samlcarr — 10 October 2007 @ 2:52 am

  10. Sam — The Stations is in the (e-)mail, as you’ve probably already discovered. I think I won’t post the books chapter by chapter, but I appreciate the thought.


    Comment by ktismatics — 11 October 2007 @ 11:15 am

  11. Dear J.,

    I wasn’t able to keep up with reading. I’ve been busy with education here in the Netherlands, both with my children in their classrooms and on internet on forums.
    I enjoy reading here but there’s enough on this blog to read (and read again) while you’re away. Maybe reducing the frequency will do?
    Please list me as a buyer for your book.


    Comment by Odile — 12 October 2007 @ 2:04 am

  12. John,

    Its been a pleasure reading your blog and I have really enjoyed your work. I hope your Psychology practice is a real success best of luck we going to miss this blog.



    Comment by Ivan — 14 October 2007 @ 2:36 pm

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