21 September 2007

God Condones Lacan

Filed under: Language — ktismatics @ 3:24 pm

The scream commands the nearer physics. God relaxes above a given street. The pink idiom persists outside the intellect. The announced clinic toggles a suspicious distress. God condones Lacan. A presumed banana dimensions Lacan.

Today Poetix put up a link to the random paragraph generator. I thought it would be appropriate to stick in a link here too, in light of my posts about language speaking the subject.



  1. An executive multiplies. The phenomenon fiddles near the microprocessor. How does the hardback heart dash on top of Ktsimatics? A diverting initiate cries before the shy rash. Why won’t Doyle computerize Ktsimatics? When will Ktsimatics accept throughout the capital manifesto?

    The opera locates heaven with her fragile obstruction. Hell gowns heaven inside the propaganda. Hell presses against each supervised stamp. Hell possesses the pleasant opposite next to this crunched tactic. Hell decides above heaven.

    When can the entrance purge? The bay sound scripts the heterotopia with the roundabout. Sex extends into the heterotopia. The heterotopia writes on top of the table. A skull inconveniences the heterotopia.


    Comment by ktismatics — 23 September 2007 @ 6:00 pm

  2. A few more creations from the random paragraph generator:

    The alphabet migrates. A dream passes heaven above the connected substance. An intellectual chambers a dream. The suffering terrorist plants heaven before the quiz. How does a dream plate heaven?

    Will an immortal rush the tongues-speaker? The tongues-speaker wets the alien abductee. Will the numeric remainder swallow beneath the tongues-speaker? The alien abductee grows.

    The baby shines. The baby protests the breakdown. The deserted spoof embeds the symbolic gesture. The symbolic gesture operates the baby below the worship.

    The cracking machinery chases the baby throughout her outlined bandwidth. The sustained mystery congests a comic without the wary factory. The symbolic gesture struggles with the baby. The symbolic gesture activates the sorted silence beside our structure. The baby papers the symbolic gesture past a shocking juvenile.


    Comment by ktismatics — 25 September 2007 @ 7:15 am

  3. I seem to be the only one commenting on this post. I’ve read a few machine-generated paragraphs to my daughter and they make her nervous. It’s because you know it’s nonsense, but you can kind of make sense of parts of it — and some of those meanings are kind of disturbing. Is this because the Big Other is using the machine to speak to us? I doubt it. I think it’s because our ability to embed language in meaning structures is so fluid that we are able, spontaneously and on the fly, to find meaning in meaningless texts. I suspect a similar mechanism is at work in dreams, Freudian slips, glossolalia, coincidences, and any number of other procedures for inducing slippage in our signifier-signified linkages. Where meaning is ambiguous we can create it anyway — it’s another skill we’ve honed since earliest childhood. But I think there’s value in devices like this, that bring more disturbing meaning elements into conscious awareness. Why do they disturb us? Is there something we’re hiding from ourselves, and the random paragraph generator slips by our defenses? Probably.


    Comment by ktismatics — 25 September 2007 @ 2:06 pm

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