26 July 2007

My Dream

Filed under: Reflections — ktismatics @ 11:04 am

I woke up at about 3 this morning, had a coffee, did some stuff, felt sleepy, went back to bed for a nap. As I was lying there I was thinking about alternate realities, about how I need to make them the central concern in my practice, about how they’re not just subjective imaginings of the ego but intersubjective, linking people together. I must have dozed off, because it took awhile for me to realize that what I’d just been experiencing had been a dream…

I’m in France, hanging around at some guy’s office or possibly his apartment, I think he is American. I’m standing around reading a magazine without much interest. There’s another guy there too, somebody I did my postdoc with, pleasant but boring. It’s time to go to lunch; they ask me to come with them to a restaurant. I’m trying to save money, so I say no. But then I’m thinking, I really ought to make myself socialize more. Okay I’ll come.

We’re at the restaurant. It’s quite large and very crowded. It looks like the Full Moon, my favorite restaurant here in Boulder. I realize I left my stuff back at the office/apartment. I mention it to the guy whose place it is, and he shrugs indifferently — I figure I’ll have to go back after lunch. These two guys I’m with are having a drink. On the table is a bottle of tonic water and clear square plastic container about a foot cubed: inside the container is the booze, on top is some sort of mechanical siphon for dispensing the booze. I pour myself a glass of tonic, but I can’t figure out how the booze dispenser works. I ask the two guys: they fumble around with it giggling — I realize they’re already drunk and have nearly drained the container. I sip on my tonic.

My two companions get up and walk into the crowd of people standing around inside the restaurant. I wait. I’m surprised to see three young guys sit down on the bench right next to my chair. They speak to each other but do not acknowledge my presence. I sit and wait. I finish my glass of tonic, and start thinking that I ought to order myself a beer. After awhile the three young men on the bench get up and leave. I realize that the restaurant is nearly empty now. I also realize that my two friends must have left. The waitress passes by; she shrugs her shoulders and says in French that it’s strange, but they’ve gone. I realize that she is not going to bring me a bill for the drinks, but that my friends probably didn’t pay either. I get up to leave the restaurant.



  1. What, no interpretations?


    Comment by ktismatics — 26 July 2007 @ 5:29 pm

  2. Your wife opened your last wine bottle for you because you couldn’t get the cork off. Your new Boulder friends were there to laugh at you. You have yet to recover. Your daughter was the one who handed you the wine bottle. Her reaction to the episode was to shrug her shoulders. These are the reasons why you don’t socialize.



    Comment by Jason Hesiak — 26 July 2007 @ 6:44 pm

  3. Hmm. A sense of humiliation for incompetence. And my wife had to open the bottle because I couldn’t get the cork off — is there something sexual to be interpolated here — that I’m really ashamed of impotence, an impotence that I think everyone can see?


    Comment by ktismatics — 26 July 2007 @ 7:23 pm

  4. that you lose your money is a dream of contrary, the complete dream sounds like a dream of contrary.
    Those who worry usually have less reason to do so.


    Comment by Odile — 26 July 2007 @ 8:03 pm

  5. That’s encouraging.


    Comment by ktismatics — 26 July 2007 @ 8:13 pm

  6. A) I have no real interpretation to offer. I was just giving you a hard time.

    B) “Get your cork off.” I hadn’t really thought of it quite like that. That’s kinda funny.


    Comment by Jason Hesiak — 27 July 2007 @ 12:06 am

  7. My own interpretation is pretty straightforward. I go to sleep thinking about the universal value of the praxis I’d like to implement. I feel like I ought to make the effort to get out there with it, to make the praxis available publicly. But in the dream it’s futile; I wind up isolated anyway. Another bad dream about advertising.


    Comment by ktismatics — 27 July 2007 @ 4:14 am

  8. I read a booklet on dream interpretation. You loose your wallet and this is a good omen. This actually was a dream I had once, it turned out well.
    Would writing a column in a local newspaper be a good way both not to get isolated and to get (local) publicity?
    My husband gave an interview when he started in his new job to the local newspaper. Just to present himself. This worked well. I don’t know if that’s an idea?


    Comment by Odile — 1 August 2007 @ 6:15 am

  9. I’m not sure it was my wallet that I left behind — maybe books, notebooks, that sort of thing. I was worried about spending too much money, but I don’t think the waitress took that into consideration when she didn’t present me with the bill.

    I’m wondering about being the interviewer, going around town interviewing interesting characters.


    Comment by ktismatics — 1 August 2007 @ 10:19 am

  10. That’s a very good idea.


    Comment by Odile — 9 August 2007 @ 2:54 am

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