27 October 2006

More Doom: Science and Faith as Separate Domains

Filed under: Genesis 1 — ktismatics @ 5:44 am

[This morning I added the following paragraph to the analysis of why the “creation of science” interpretation of Genesis 1 is doomed (see preceding two posts). Later today I’ll move on to hermeneutics]

Those who seek a more peaceful cohabitation propose that faith and science be allowed to operate within their own separate domains. Religion deals with matters of purpose, morality, community, God; science, with the investigation, explanation and technological control of the material world. Modern science is intrinsically empirical, whereas faith occupies intangible realms of faith and spirit where there can be no hard evidence. The post-evangelical community seems increasingly committed to the intrinsic incommensurability of faith and science. They are prepared to acknowledge the truth claims and the pragmatic value of science, even to the point of accepting the validity of evolution. However, they dismiss as intellectually crude those “empirical fundamentalists” who insist on subjecting spirit to matter, who scoff at the lack of tangible evidence for phenomena that transcend evidence. If the people of faith were to encounter, right at the beginning of the Bible, evidence of God as the first empirical scientist, the barrier between domains would begin to crumble, along with the uneasy truce which that barrier makes possible.


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