26 September 2006

Baylor Symposium on Christian Imagination

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In November the Baylor Institute for Faith and Learning will host a symposium entitled The World and Christian Imagination. I summarize from the précis:

Imagination is a way of being in the world, manifesting itself not just in the arts but in community, economics, ethics, philosophy, politics, science, and tradition. Grounded in truth and a Scriptural revelation of human meaning and purpose, the Christian imagination ought to be thoroughly immersed in and captive to the claims of Christ. By discerning the world as it really is – intrinsically related to God but held in thrall by “functional atheism” – the Christian imagination can transform the world into what it ought to be.

This is where things get difficult for me. Imagination as a desirable human capability that affects all aspects of life? Yes. Imagination as a way of seeing the world as it is and as it ought to be? That’s only two possibilities, but I suppose it’s better than one. Imagination as a means of transforming the world from “is” to “ought”? That depends on whose “ought” we’re talking about, and what it looks like. Imagination in which every thought is held captive to Christ? I can imagine the moralistic and inspiring kitsch and the bad science and the groupthink sluicing out the end of that pipeline. If, on the other hand, a Christlike imagination is one that takes you way out there, to the point of walking on water and getting yourself killed…

There’s a list of presenters on the symposium website – I’ll see if I can get abstracts of their talks and preview them here.

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