15 September 2006

An Introduction to Ktismatics

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I’ve written a book on the theory and practice of creation as illuminated in the Biblical creation narrative. Thinking that my interpretation of the Biblical text might point to a relatively amicable resolution of the creation-versus-evolution controversy, I put my exegesis up on this website. Then I set about exploring blogspace in search of kindred spirits who might want to see what I had to show them. I’ve learned a great deal from many excellent bloggers, especially those who are emerging out of the traditional evangelical orbit. I will leave the exegesis pages posted on this blog for who have an interest in such things.

For the past three weeks I’ve been posting a series of First Lines — oblique reflections of creation that I see in the first sentences of various texts. I intend to continue writing these from time to time — perhaps I’ll open it up for others to write “First Lines” meditations on books that they like.

Now, though, I’m going to set aside my theological speculations to focus more directly on “ktismatics” — the theory and practice of creation. In Part Three of my book I identify several strands of what it means to be a creator. I don’t talk about “creativity” as a personality trait or a gift, as something inside the creator. Instead, I describe creation as a way of orienting oneself toward the world. To be creative, to be a creator, is to create.

Tomorrow I’ll begin with an overview of the first ktismatic strand, which is the creation of realities. You can get an overview of the strands by looking at the summary of Part Three of the book here.


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